Zaretsky Jewelry


St. Petersburg artist and jeweler Lidia Zaretsky is the only one artist in the world who works in the rare style of beaded painting. To the contrary to the traditional Russian bead stitching style based on the tracing of the drawings, she developed her own technique of freely painting on the canvas creating her visually and technically stunning paintings composed of thousands of tiny seed beads.

The exquisite necklaces, bracelets and chokers with semi-precious stones by Lidia are also one of the kind. In her art she follows the rich traditions of famous St. Petersburg's school of beadwork, but also, graduated from the famous Academy of Art and Design of Baron Stieglitz (formerly LVXPY of V. I. Mykhina) with MFA in design, brings the refreshing and brilliant elements of contemporary design into her works. Though most of her works based on the Russian art, the studying and thorough knowledge of the beadwork traditions from around the world also influenced her art. Her works were seen at Russian and International exhibitions and are in private collections in Europe and in the United States.

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